About Us

You have just found  a site with some of the most dedicated RC flyers and builders in South Africa, with recent Retirerees and older
Gentlemen, that's done it all, when t-shirts were plain, and the women were double breasted

From the days of single channel rudder only, modelspan tissue, Jap silk ,dope and all balsa construction, Bending undercaraiges from
Springsteel wire and making solder joints to hold it all together, to the modern era of 2.4Ghtz ,Lipo's, and brushless motors, carbon fibre and
epoxy/glass moulds and mouldings, CNC and lite ply

But the Basics remain the same, CG and the laws of Aerodynamics determine the flight envelope of full size aeroplanes as well as our model planes
Although in this modern era everything is a lot easier than the way we had to do it .Radios are computerised, motors are brushless and 
high performance, and battery technology is progressing with leaps and bounds,all for the beter, i would say

No matter what radio you have, the fun still lies with the fact that you must fly that plane, and that is what makes this hobby Great

In order to to get rc flyers up to speed, in this rushed world of ours, we have to explore and use the technology available to us, to impart 
knowledge and experience faster to another generation. This does not all come for free, unfortunately. Which brings us to to the 
First Johannesburg RC Fying School. 

We aim to give fine tuition to trainees, and will fast track them to get them up to standard ASAP, and that goes for youngsters and the 
Young at heart.