Our Fleet

Consisting of the  following:

Electric Aircraft

1) Rainbow High Wing   .32 size electric  BasicTrainer
2) E-Stick    High Wing   .25 size electric Itermediate Trainer
3) Sbach s342 Shoulder wing 1200mm  .25 electric  Sequence Flying
4) Gemini     Biplane       .15 size electric  sequence flying
5) Space walker 2 Low wing          .40 size electic   Sport Aerobatics
6) Zagi Delta wing            .15 Electric   for doing some wild stuff


Ugli Stick  High wing .50  Intermediate sport Aerobatics  Taildragger
Tiger 60  Low Wing   .60  Sport aerobatics   Trike gear
Cloud Dancer Low wing  1.20 Sport aerobatics fun flyer   Taildragger
Ripmax .40 High wing    Basic Trainer Trike gear

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