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From:  Cronje, Gideon <>
Sent:   05 November 2014 07:44
Subject:          Hannes Rheeders

To whom it may concern

I, Deon Cronje had the privilege of meeting up with Hannes Rheeders some 2 years ago, after knowing him since the late 90's. I used to deal with Hannes as a sales representative while He was working for W.P.C as manager. I found Hannes to be a strict self-driven and disciplined individual.

My interest in flying model aero planes started as a kid, however I could never get started with the hobby due to budgetary constraints, time and lack of knowledge, and that’s where Hannes came to the rescue by taking me by the hand with a lot of patience and motivation and tutoring knowledge about the hobby. It’s not only flying, it’s knowing your equipment, how it works, safety aspects, what to do and when, what to buy etc.

I can with an open heart and mind recommend Hannes as an Instructor and Mentor of model aircraft building, flying and knowhow regarding the hobby.

Well done Hannes

Deon Cronje



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