ARF Builds - Electrical Setups

We have quite a few experienced builders and can do many different build options

1. Build time on ARF's is R200-00 per day, subject to Quotation and days required to finish ( who believes in +/- 5Hours
    to complete and perfect to fly?) + Materials: Cyano, epoxy,velcro, double sided tape,masking tape, large plastic bags,surgical gloves etc.

2. Depending on your needs A quotation can be done for Electrical work(wiring Speedcontrol and battery connectors) , Servo & radio
    installations(requires your servos + arms + screw kits+grommets)  

3. Crash repair to Aircraft if repairable by Quotation and upon visual inspection

4. Radio and servo repair we don't  do, you must send your radio to its spesific repair agents, properly packed

5. See SAMAA Adverts For your Repair  Agent , or if it is a guarantee repair by your hobby shop

6. Payment: Half of the agreed amount upfront and rest on completion when the Item/s is/are collected

7. Please Pay only the person that you have done a deal with as to ARF's or Electrical work