Training Details

There are several ways to learn  to fly model aircraft

For one, you can go the cheap route and buy a radio, a plane , a motor , a speed control, go slap it together
fit a battery pack and have a bash, if it crashes  "so what " and so it goes on and on, and after three or four planes you decide to give it up as a bad job. All that money wasted for nothing, the radio and bits lie in your garage. You were not succesful , Shame on you, then eventually you decide to get some help. Someone has recommended Joining a club or going to a Flight School

You see, with us, you don't even have to have a plane or a radio, and electronic goodies , neither do you have to pay out for club fees, joining fees or drive to a club and you don't know if you are going to like it after all
That's why  we have an introductory lesson, to let you get the "Feel of the controls"

If you are a highly motivated person and want to continue with the full course, we are prepared to give you credit for the intro lesson and subtract it from the full course price

Our way is highly intensive and is result driven and therefore we put a price to it. Yes, that's right, we charge for
our tuition, and in exchange you gain the knowledge and experience, and then you can decide if you want to continue with R/C planes or not. And when you buy your new outfit , we will help you to do it Right

Now here is how it works:

First Johannesburg RC Flying School

Specialising in Fixed Wing - Electric Flight

Lessons by Appointment Only
All lessons subject to Weather conditions
Lectures includes the Basic Principals of Flight
You learn to fly on our planes and radio equipment

 INTRODUCTORY Lesson - R150.00 Cash  (Deductable, against full course Price)

Dual control buddy box system used for all lessons
What does the controls do?
Explanation of each flying surface and the control associated with it
What does the Throttle control do. Controlling your flying speed,etc
Center of Gravity (C.G). Extremely important to avoid Crashes
"Feeling of the Contols" on the ground and in the air 

12 x (+/- 1/2 hour) lessons SOLO full course = R1500   (2-3 lessons per week)- Paid up Front

Dual control buddy box system used for all lessons
Ground handling and taxi-ing and throttle control
Straight and level flight (trimming)
Procedure Turns and fly past
Taking Off
And many more things, includes the Trainee Pilot progress and flight log Sheet
Ready for your First Solo Flight?
If a trainee Scores poorly on a lesson, he can redo that lesson at an addtional R100-00 Cash before proceeding to the next lesson
A successfull Solo flight gets you on your way with this great hobby

12 x (+/- 1/2 hour) lessons - Basic Sport Aerobatics R1600-00  (2-3 lessons per week)- Paid up Front (min SOLO required)

Take off
Split S/ Immelman Turns
Tail Slide
Stall turns
Cuban 8
Inverted Flight
Snap Rolls

REMEMBER: Take offs are Optional, Landings are Compulsary

For more details and to book a lesson Contact: Johny by sending an email to:
Or Visit our website at:
Please view and print the Application form,complete it and fax it to: 0866849106
Pensioners and persons over 60years of age gets a 10% discount

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